Artxandamendi Bidea, 1, 48007
Bilbao, Bizkaia
Lunes a viernes: 8:30-16:30 Monday-Friday: 8:30-16:30 Astelehena-Ostirala: 8:30-16:30
Email: hola@montessorigranbilbao.com
Telf: 944 13 63 02

Montessori Guide (0-6, IMI), Montessori & Dementia (AMI) and currently training as a Montessori Guide 6-12 (Montessori Canela Internacional). One of the 3 founders of MGB my rol also includes admin tasks and assisting the weekly Juego de Configuración (3-6).

Sandra Alonso

Administration and Management, Montessori Guide at Children's Community

A mum of two, I trained as a Sociologist and later as a Journalist. I worked in Publishing for several years before I retrained as a Montessori guide (2-6) in MCI (London, UK) where I lived and worked for two decades as a Montessori Guide and school manager. Cofounder of MGB, I’m Head of the School and SEN coordinator. More recently I’ve trained as a facilitator of Educación Creadora (Diraya, Bilbao, Spain).

Cristina Redondo

Director and head of the center

Montessori guide (0-3) and 6-12 Montessori Assistant (AMI) as well as an Early Years Teachers specialised in Innovative Educational Systems. Cofounder of MGB, I’m currently Lead Directress of our Infant Community environment. I also work as an educacional consultant for families and professionals.

Larraitz Goitia

Administration and Child Community Guide

Teacher of Child Education and Montessori Guide 3-6 (AMI). Master's Degree in School Management and Management (UNIR). I have studied in Canada and worked in schools in different countries, at the Montessori Gran Bilbao school I am the English-speaking guide. I am a Montessori formator and have participated as a speaker in several Montessori congresses both national and international. My role at school is to accompany children in their social, emotional and cognitive learning process.

Andrea Alonso

Children's House Guide

DDiploma in teaching at the UPV. I have taken different courses related to therapeutic pedagogy, early childhood education and creator. I am a Montessori Guide with experience in stage 0-6 and assistant workshop 6-12 (A.M.I).

Paula Udaeta

Children's House Guide


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