Artxandamendi Bidea, 1, 48007
Bilbao, Bizkaia
Lunes a viernes: 8:30-16:30 Monday-Friday: 8:30-16:30 Astelehena-Ostirala: 8:30-16:30
Email: hola@montessorigranbilbao.com
Telf: 944 13 63 02


All spaces in the school are carefully prepared environments. Each of the rooms is bright and has access to an outdoor area which allows children a free flow of activity. Spaces have been thoughtfully considered and are subtly divided and equipped with relevant materials that attend to the different needs of children as well as their ages and abilities.

There are also some ‘talking hotspots’ such as the Veggie Garden, the Snack Table and the Reading Corner in the playground that all help to nurture social interactions between children.


Infant Community

| 1-3 años |  

1-3 Year olds share this space where the Ground Rules of living in a small community are experienced or the first time outside the home. Children have the opportunity to take part in daily activities while exercising and developing new sensor-motor and language skills. They can complete purposeful tasks that they can then use in their day to day lives, giving them a sense of achievement and wellbeing. The classroom offers both Montessori materials to support the three first areas of development: Practical Life, Sensorial and Language. Free movement is encouraged by the layout of the space, the spontaneous activity and the Emmi Pikler principles and equipment designed to allow and promote autonomy in their physical development.

Children´s House

| 3- 6 años |

3- 6 Year olds. Children are introduced to reading and writing. There’s a piano and other musical instruments as part of the curriculum and more complex activities and projects within the Knowledge and Understanding of the World area. This group enjoys both Montessori cycles. Free movement is also possible thanks to the layout of the space, with the possibility to work outside, on the floor or on tables, encouraging the children to make their own choices and develop a sense of responsibility and belonging.

Veggie Garden

A fenced off space with direct access, this is a popular corner for children wishing to get outside and do a bit of gardening, work under the trees and explore the natural materials.

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