A natural environment

Five minutes away from the city

Montessori Gran Bilbao was born in 2016 as a platform to promote and implement the Montessori Method across schools in the Basque Country by sharing our knowledge and experience as Montessorians with other practitioners.

Montessori Gran Bilbao school opened its own school in September 2018. A bright space located at Artxanda.

Our ethos


A Sensorial education

Children learn through their experiences of the environment using their senses. During the early years the intellect develops as the senses are refined by exploring what is around them. The classroom is equipped with activities that invite children to manipulate, feel, smell, taste, perceive while learning to categorise and think for themselves.


An active child

In a Montessori classroom there are no punishments or rewards. Children are intrinsically motivated by their natural drive to learn and act from their environment.


Follow the child

Help them to do it themselves. Each child will discover and develop their own skills and abilities at different times and at a different pace. We carefully observe the awakening of these and provide some stepping stones so they can continue to thrive in a natural way.


The control of error

The Montessori materials have an inbuilt control of error to help the completion of each task independently. The child learns to make adjustments and is not discouraged by failure or the challenges they may encounter while trying to achieve a goal.


Vertical grouping

The Montessori classroom provides the opportunity to live in a small community where everyone has a role. The older child assists the younger while reinforcing his knowledge. The younger child is delighted to be accompanied by an older member of the classroom who is a little more capable and can empathise with him/her.

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